ITV myTechZone

This was an agile project for a responsive internal procurement site. We had a Product Owner, Service Design Lead, Interaction Designer and a Developer working on the project. The existing site was maintained by Accenture, and Fjord had the opportunity to re-design. There were many “challenges” as we had to use the existing framework, which is ancient. I met with the client a few times to present the visual designs and they were always positive. Plus I was in direct contact with the ITV brand guardians for sign-offs. Possibly a more interesting design could have been created if we were not so restricted to the existing framework.

Agency: Fjord
Client: ITV
Lead Technologist: Leon Bovett
Product Owner / Scrum Master: Sally Goodwin 
Senior Visual Designer: Nicola Hankins
Senior Interaction Designer: James Penfold
Senior Developer: Andre Belios
Component library
Some of the stuff on the walls in the project room
You kept scrolling! Here's the view from one of the top floors at ITV studios.
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