Agency: AnalogFolk
Client: Diageo
Senior/Lead Designer (AnalogFolk): Nicola Hankins
Infosys team: Apeksha Singhwal, Vinod Kumar, Vignesh Senthil
Diageo team: Matt Bryer, Richard Morland

Style & Component Guide
The purpose of this style and component guide was to help with the creation of new components and to act as a guide to components which have already been created. It is a place where the UX/UI design team have an overview of all the components together, which helps to spot inconsistencies with design patterns, styling and acts as a discussion point for enhancements. 
E-commerce catalogue
The purpose of the ecommerce catalogue is for wet led pub and wholesalers to buy products.
Snapshot of the detailed product cards component specification, for the development team.
Home page alternatives
Pushing the branding was tough as the development time frame was extremely tight.
Brand card hover state 
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