Project type: UI/UX, Service Design, Prototyping
Agency: Fjord
Client: Severn Trent Water
Lead Service Designer: Shiona Webster
Senior Visual Designer: Nicola Hankins
Interaction Designer: Oliver Watson
Welcome to work
Every morning the technician has to log into multiple systems to access their first job. Sometimes it takes too long and can cause frustration, even before the day begins. Our solution was to greet the technician with a welcoming dashboard that offers news and updates on traffic, weather and team activities. This is a tool that raises awareness of critical information, while fostering a sense of connectedness and overview for solitary team members.
Work orders
The work order view explicitly flags information in a way that feels respectful and sensitive to the things that matter – job descriptions are foregrounded and problem cases are indicated in advance; the map-driven interface reflects the central significance of travel time in determining the ease or friction of a day’s work.
Basic UI version of the design based on the existing SAP work manager app.
I created several large journey maps, these detailed the existing challenges faced by the technicians and explained the solution concepts we had devised. These were printed at large scale and used in the clients offices.
We created the project in a 'war room' which we covered in post-its and sketches, it became quite intense.
During the project I collated UI examples and created a mood board, regretfully I didn't have very much time to 'polish' the UI as we were quickly iterating and updating the prototype, but the intent was there.
Mood boards for inspiration

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