Client: Moneybox
Head of Product: Ashleigh Petrie
Design Manager: Michelle Aaron
Senior Product Designer: Nicola Hankins
UI/UX Designer (Growth specialist): Nadine Faria
UI/UX Designer: Thai Hoang
Product Manager: Harry Boteler
Product: Cheok Funn Lee

Final designs
These are the final approved designs for 'This Week', 'Round Ups' and the Moneybox 3.0 onboarding screens.
This Week
Initial sketches for the third 'This Week' home screen concept
Every edge case and scenario was considered, with the designs stress tested on other screen sizes, these screens represent a small fraction of the overall work. 

The core team created other concepts and design iterations, but after user testing and stakeholder feedback we went into development with these screens...

There are different illustrations for each product created by Mayumi Hashimoto

This week prototype
Round ups
Examples of some of the initial wireframes for the round ups hub, we went thorough many rounds of iterations, from wireframes, initial visual concepts to the final approved designs for Android and iOS.
Final approved 'Round Up' screens.
Video of the final developed version.
Final Moneybox 3.0 onboarding designs for existing customers, I created the illustrations and wrote the copy (mostly).
Visual development of the discover tab.
Illustration style development.
Approved 'Discover tools' screen designs.

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